Infusionsoft Values & Company Culture

More than just a corporate buzzword.

Culture is at the heart of everything we do at Infusionsoft—how we live, how we work and how we serve the small business community. We're all about providing a foundation to achieve our purpose: to help small businesses succeed.

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Here, in nine core values, is Infusionsoft culture in action:



We empower entrepreneurs.

We build tools to help small businesses grow and thrive. But we also support entrepreneurs with ongoing education and training on everything from using the software to building a marketing plan.

More than 60% of Infusionsoft employees have owned their own small business.

We listen, we care, we serve.

Every new release of our software goes through a unique and rigorous process that begins with listening to one voice: our customers.

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We do what we say we'll do.

We walk the talk. Every daily, weekly and monthly goal set at Infusionsoft is tied to our purpose of helping small businesses succeed. As individuals, we commit to these goals and then hold ourselves and each other accountable—no matter how difficult.

We practice open, real communication.

There's no sugarcoating here. A passive-aggressive approach is never welcome. Our communication allows for disagreement, real feedback and transparency.

We face challenges with optimism.

Our belief: start with impossible, then kick it up a notch. We may struggle, and things may not always go the way we planned, but we rally together to achieve big things. And we do it all with a smile.

We check our egos at the door.

Abandon all ego, ye who enter here. Infusionites aren't afraid to share the glory or shoulder the blame. We give credit where it’s due, own up to our mistakes and work to find solutions to problems we discover—even if the problem isn't directly related to our job.

We innovate and constantly improve.

Email is limited. So we improved our ability to communicate and built our very own social network. We share ideas, find new projects and inspire each other every day.

We do the right thing.

Sometimes our software just isn’t the right fit for a business. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you and help find a solution that works.

We believe in people and their dreams.

At Infusionsoft, our belief in people and their dreams works wonders for small business owners. It also elevates our employees.The dream program, along with family, friends and her Infusionsoft team, encouraged Tracie Rollins to take her dreams off the shelf. After joining Infusionsoft, Tracie started her own small business and wrote and published a book, all within 4 months. Her dreams have come alive, and Tracie is becoming even more alive!

Tracie Rollins
Sr. LCM Curriculum Developer

“The best version of me shows up in everything that I do.”

Performance, passion and the absence of perks.

At Infusionsoft, we believe in entrepreneurship, not entitlement.

We believe in the value of hard work, passion and determination. We believe perks are a reward, not a right.

We earn everything we have by achieving our daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly performance goals. If we fall short, we own our failure, learn from it, and try again.

This isn't the typical way to think about perks. But then again, this isn't your typical tech company.

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