A column on MediaPost.com by David Baker, global vice president of product/solutions for Acxiorn, gave advice to CRM email marketers in the form of five fundamental tips for "great email marketing in 2011.", Baker said in the column that brand connections are made on experiences, and marketers have to be able to connect with their base via email to reinforce why customers use a company's services., Targeting is a key to contextual email marketing, Baker wrote. He said the key is to minimize the wrong and help to maximize the opportunity to have to reach people with a company's program., Other tips Baker gave include being up to date on mobile email marketing, making use of the amount of space marketers have in each email message and to be cautious when using artificial intelligence for marketing., A story on Marketingpilgrim.com said that the first thing 58 percent of internet users do when they sign online is check their email. The post said email is still the primary source of online communication, thus that is what the standard customer pays the most attention to.