Although many email marketers seem to dislike social media marketing, GraphicMail's Wikus Engelbrecht writes on Adotas that social media can be combined with a CRM program to make for a great marketing campaign., Engelbrecht writes that because the two mediums tend to attract two different age groups, the integration of both together allows marketers to reach a wider audience than they would with one form or the other. He said social media and email in a combined program means marketers will no longer have to guess what people care about, as everything potential customers do online is a clue as to what they're looking for., "Social indicators can be collected and edged to help serve subscribers with relevant and personalized content, and by publishing email newsletters to your social sites you automatically channel your marketing efforts into new networks and reach more people," Engelbrecht writes., Mashable said email marketers should get used to social media, as the email inbox will only become more social as time moves forward. The post quotes Mark Schmulen, general manager for social media at Constant Contact, who said social media networks and tools will be integrated more into email services in the coming years.