Small business marketing in the business-to-business sector has moved more toward social marketing in recent years, according to ClickZ, and companies are finally starting to see the value of this type of marketing. The website said companies should start shifting their focus toward social media to help build an engaged community., ClickZ said lead engagement, listening and analyzing the data together are all important aspects of bringing forth a better social marketing plan for a small business., "Skincare company Philosophy is a good example of a brand that saw the opportunity with social and jumped on it," ClickZ said. "The company analyzed which types of Facebook content drove the most social engagement (shorter posts, photos, etc.) and used that analysis to plan its social content.", By focusing on management, ClickZ said the posts are more likely to be displayed in a user's news feed. This led to a big boost in the average engagement of posts and people clicking on the content., Fast Company said LinkedIn may be a better resource for small business marketing for B2B companies than Facebook or Twitter. When building a social media marketing campaign, businesses need to first evaluate their needs and goals before selecting on a definitive plan.