Up Your Open Rates in Email Marketing

09 January

By Andrea Parker In the final part of our series on email marketing for small business, we’ll go over ideal content and frequency of sending. Big Ideas Blog


You’ve nailed the subject line, provided some great images with Alt text and now you want to make sure your reader connects with your message.  Once that happens, you want your reader to take action.  Let’s explore how to make that dream a reality.

Get personal

What makes you feel more connected to a person than when you’re speaking with them and they use your name in conversation?  It’s a moment when you feel connected to them because they aren’t just talking at you, rather, they’re talking with you and their words suddenly carry much more weight than before.  This is how you want your readers to feel as they open your email, so don’t be afraid to use the personalization feature of your email marketing software to include your recipient’s name in the first line. Also, embrace the notion that your entire email list will contain people who are not all looking for the same item or service. Send out several variations of the same email message but with personalized messages to those who fall into different categories of need.  By sending out, for example, three different (but not too different!) monthly newsletters or offers, you’ll have a stronger response from customers and prospects because the message they received speaks to their specific need.

Don’t forget to ask

Be sure your message contains a call to action (CTA), otherwise your readers will either never make it all the way through your email or, if they do, not know which step to take next.  By sending a one-time only 20% discount on an order, be sure to link to the page on your website where you want your reader to venture, otherwise, if the message doesn’t have hyperlinks or a clear instruction, the discount may go unused in your recipient’s inbox.  Make it very easy for your customers and prospects to get to your website and take the next step.

Avoid overkill

When a person starts to get too many emails from the same sender, that sender’s emails quickly get relegated to the trash or, worse, the spam box.  Send messages sparingly to those on your list; you will have more time to craft beautiful, effective messages and the fewer emails you send, the more likely your recipients are to open them. When you take the small business tips offered in this series on email deliverability, you’ll see upticks in messages opened, read and click-through rates.  Be smart about your small business’ email marketing strategy and you’ll reap rewards in the form of new and repeat customers.   Need more help crafting an effective call to action? Download Infusionsoft's e-book "Calls To Action" for specific tips.  

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