Using Yahoo? New Changes Will Impact Your Email Deliverability

07 April

UPDATE:  AOL Announced they are making the same DMARC policy update as Yahoo did earlier this month.  According to Word to The Wise AOL was compromised and user's address books were harvested.  In an effort to combat the spam issues surrounding this breach, they updated their DMARC to "reject" mails sent with a From address of, but not actually sent from an AOL mail server.  Please follow the same protocol as listed below.

Over the past couple of days, Yahoo has made some big changes to combat domain abuse. If you send emails from Infusionsoft using a Yahoo email address, you’ll need to take action! This change was made by Yahoo and has nothing to do with Infusionsoft or your emails, specifically.

What changes did Yahoo make?

It appears that on Friday Yahoo adjusted their DMARC validation record. When a “From” address does not match the sender's server address, the DMARC authentication protocol will then prevent emails from being delivered. Emails are not going to junk or spam; they aren’t being delivered at all.

Does this affect me?

This affects a small group of Infusionsoft customers who are sending emails from Infusionsoft using a email address in the “From” field of their emails (i.e. [email protected]).

How does this affect me?

If you send emails from Infusionsoft using a "" domain, your emails will get rejected (bounced) by most major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

How can I fix this?

Best practice is to send emails from Infusionsoft using a custom business domain (i.e. [email protected]). We recommend that any customer sending emails from Infusionsoft with a Yahoo email address immediately obtain a custom business domain, setup an email address and update the “From” fields for any email sent from their Infusionsoft account.

This will resolve this problem completely and ensure that all of the emails you send get delivered.

You can also get a Gmail email address although this should be temporary while you set up a custom business domain.

Here is how you can create a custom business domain for Gmail.

Here is how you can create a custom business domain for Yahoo.

Why would Yahoo do this?

According to WordToTheWise, “there’s been an ongoing attack against Yahoo users attempting to compromise their accounts and then send email from that Yahoo user to their contacts [...] Yahoo is telling other systems to not accept mail from Yahoo users if it doesn’t come through Yahoo controlled servers. This includes the mail from the attackers, but also mail from regular Yahoo users.”

While we understand Yahoo’s desire to reduce domain abuse, it’s unfortunate that this will negatively impact some Infusionsoft customers. We will alert customers using Yahoo to ensure that email sent through Infusionsoft is delivered as intended. In addition to this blog post we are immediately reaching out to all Infusionsoft users with a Yahoo email address.



James Thompson
James Thompson is the Email Systems Manager at Infusionsoft, managing both the technology and email compliance aspects of Infusionsoft's email infrastructure. He has been professionally involved in the email industry for nearly six years. During that time, he has gained vast experience and understanding in what makes an email marketer successful in today's email marketing environment, drawing on his understanding of the technology that drives excellent deliverability as well as the appropriate marketing practices to compliment state-of-the-art email systems most legitimate ESP's provide today.

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