Lead Capture Mistakes: Don't Ask for Too Much and Don't Hide Your Form

21 January

By Madison Jacobs Part 4 of the "The Dos and Don’ts of Lead Capture" series

Asking for Too Much UpfrontThis is the final installment in a series of posts on the dos and don’ts  to follow when you generate leads online. In part III of the series, I covered the first lead capture mistake you want to avoid. I discussed how you can be irresistible to your prospects by providing visitors with information that is valuable and relevant to their problems, challenges and opportunities that they face at the current time. In this post, we will discuss the two more mistakes you want to avoid when you generate leads online.

Most of the time, the more web form fields you ask someone to fill out when you are capturing their information on your website, the less response you will get. People are busy and although they want your content, if you ask too much upfront, they will back out. There are times though when collecting several fields of information makes sense, but unless you have a good reason to do so, you are killing your opt-in results with no benefit. Think about the value of what you are offering along with your business needs to help you determine how much personal information you should be asking for. For example, if they are simply downloading one of your eBooks and you would like their email in order to follow-up with them with similar content in the future, just ask for their name and email address. Say you are offering them a free trial of some sort and you need some demographics information to offer them the best service, then it is feasible to include more fields in the form. It is also helpful if you explain why you are asking for certain fields that people may be hesitant to give you like a phone number. Let them know what you are going to do with it and always make your privacy policy clear.

Hiding Your Form

If a site visitor has to click a link to see your form, the likelihood that they will fill it out is cut by up to 40 percent. Make sure your web from is visible right on your home page or the landing page you are using to promote your offer. You want to make sure the form appears “above the fold”, meaning they don’t have to scroll down to fill it out. This ensures that everyone can see the form clearly without having to search for it on the page. What web form fields do you ask for when you are giving visitors a special offer and why?  

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