International Expansion Will Break Down Borders for Existing and Future Infusionsoft Customers

05 June

Doing business on a global scale is no longer an elite achievement reserved only for multi-national, corporate companies. Expansion that used to take hundreds of employees and dozens of offices to achieve now requires just one thing: a website.

The smallest businesses can have customers on the other side of the world. The most conservative consumer can make a purchase from a local retailer on another continent.

And with the enablement of virtual technology, a small business owner can “pick up (virtual) shop” and relocate to a remote island.

There are no longer boundaries for most businesses, so why should borders remain in technology?

Infusionsoft Expanding Internationally

Infusionsoft is breaking ground on the future of international small business sales and marketing software. Inspired by an already robust crew of international customers, this growth is a natural next step for Andy Simmons, Managing Director, International, and Aaron Stead, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

“Borders are much more transparent than they used to be,” says Simmons. “The global social environment is causing a lot of movement in small business which impacts people in almost every country.”

Infusionsoft_Andy Simmons

Simmons, a 20-year veteran of international sales and management, recently attended a Brazilian user group and was inspired to see the geo-specific development that was taking place amongst international Infusionsoft users.

“They are building solutions on top of the software specific to verticals and geographic elements that are important to Brazil’s avid users,” says Simmons. “It’s really exciting to see the passion for small business and the ecosystem of developers and marketers that are bringing new perspectives.”

The opportunity to improve and innovate the Infusionsoft product becomes greatly increased the further the software reaches. Simmons and Stead are taking the expansions as a way to better the product for existing customers as well as future international users.

Expansion Giving Way to Improvement

The move towards international expansion brings an opportunity to improve on the current infrastructure.

Existing customers who have been calling for new advancements will not fall by the wayside with this movement. Rather, they will inspire the features and updates that allow Infusionsoft to be a consistent experience for users and partners no matter where they are in the world.

“The priority for us will always be to help small businesses succeed,” says Stead. “Localization will be just as important to us as international growth. Elevating the products usability will partner with the efforts to bring currency and time zone support.”

The expansion is not an override of ongoing enhancements to the product, but a means to propel it.

Who Will Benefit from International Growth?

The advantages to be gained by reaching into new markets are not limited to availability for more users. International development aims to bring benefits to a lot of players in the space.

International Small Business Owners

The most obvious benefactors of the expansions are non-US based businesses. For those that are already using the product in another country, the future of Infusionsoft will bring more dedicated support and more globally adaptable systems.

And for small businesses not using Infusionsoft yet, Simmons hopes it will bring some unity to their sales and marketing process.

“The world needs something more than fragmented software,” says Simmons. “Small businesses everywhere need multiple solutions that come in one package. It’s our responsibility to fulfill that need.”

Nomadic Business Owners

The purpose of crossing into international territory is not only so that small business owners who live outside the US can operate smoothly. It’s also to empower entrepreneurs on the move.

“Small business owners aren’t necessarily office dwellers,” says Stead. “We want them to be able to move from New York to France without having to restructure how they do business.”


With a strong presence of small business software reaching new countries, consumers will gain more access to products and services they may have never found before. Empowering entrepreneurs with the right tools to reach a global audience helps buyers and sellers.


Infusionsoft partners have already begun creating some of the adoption of the product in other countries. With more capabilities being built around an international mindset, they will find introducing the product and assisting customers to be a more fluid process.

Customers who just want continued growth

Even if international reach or relocation isn’t a priority, customers across the board will enjoy improvements to the software brought about by new users interacting with the product. Opening the door to new countries opens the door to thousands of fresh eyes (and hands) that can contribute to the betterment of Infusionsoft.

“Attracting small businesses all over the world gives you a larger base of customers and thus a larger base of ideas,” says Simmons. “New developments will come out of the expansion. You’ll be able to get more value out of Infusionsoft in the future than we can even imagine right now.”

As a part of this growth, the team is looking at doing the hard work to dig in and assess the areas of Infusionsoft that will develop alongside the expansion.

“Infusionsoft stands for small business success everywhere and we’re excited to take years of experience outward,” says Stead.

While it is not a process that will happen overnight, news of the coming changes will be released throughout the year. Infusionsoft is committed to a global market for small business and looks forward to bringing about positive changes to US and international customers.

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