Cost-effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

14 October
Guerrilla marketing strategies can have a profound effect! Adidas took to rubber duckies for one of their guerrilla marketing strategies.

Guerrilla marketing isn’t as threatening as it might sound. Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984¸ this cost-effective blend of business and pluck has become widely-accepted by small businesses around the world.

Unlike big companies like Nike and Ikea, most small businesses lack a huge budget, and must therefore reach the public in more creative ways.

If you’re a business owner trying to get your name out there, utilizing guerrilla marketing strategies is a great way to do so, and here’s how:

Social Media

Social media is indeed a phenomenon in the 21st century, connecting billions of people around the world through a series of status updates, tweets and other rich media. In the business world, it’s a powerful tool, and if you haven’t boarded the bandwagon, it’s time to do so.

  • First, get Facebook. Invite your friends and family to like the page and then use those numbers as leverage to gain some credibility with outsiders.
  • Then, get Twitter and follow, follow, follow. Don’t be annoying, but use the search feature to find people within your niche and tweet at them, making pleasant but relevant conversation.
  • Once you have these outlets, push as much rich media out as you can, whether it’s photos of where you work, videos of a typical day on the job or witty tweets and status updates.


When most people think of the word graffiti, they think jail time. And although most graffiti artists have an arrest or two under their belts, you can avoid this by keeping it legal. Surprisingly, there are some forms of graffiti that are considered legal, or at the very least, a little less frowned upon than others; and you don’t even have to pick up a spray can.

  • Know of a really dirty wall in your community? Take up some pressure hoses and scrub brushes and wash your logo into the wall, along with other associated, artful imagery.
  • For all the crochet enthusiasts out there, yarn bombing is the thing for you. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get it down, you can certainly turn some heads.
  • Sidewalks are a best friend for those with a handful of chalk and a message to send. All you need after that is a place with high foot traffic.

Outside the Box

Among the many advantages to guerrilla marketing is the freedom it gives you to think outside of the box. The possibilities are limitless, so long as you’re willing to exercise some creativity. There’s really no right or wrong way to utilize guerrilla marketing, but if you’re feeling bold, look to these examples for inspiration.

  • If you and your employees are into dancing, throw on some of your company t-shirts and orchestrate a flash mob in a high traffic area in town. It will definitely get people buzzing.
  • Projecting massive, branded videos on walls all over the world worked well for Kanye West during the lead up to his latest album, Yeezus, and it can work for you too. All you need is a rented projector and a wall big enough to garner some attention.
  • If those don’t work, get some cheap stickers made and put them up all over town. If you know your audience, make sure the stickers are in places where they frequent and are likely to see them.

Driving Big Results with Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing strategies and tactics are a great and cost-effective way to generate awareness for your business, products and services.

Driving big results with guerrilla marketing comes from what you do next.

One of the most powerful ways to maximize your guerrilla marketing efforts is to blend them with a powerful and robust online marketing strategy with a marketing automation tool, like Infusionsoft, to follow up with new prospects and generate revenue.

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Guest blog by James Anderson

James Anderson is a writer for School Lockers and avid outdoorsman. When he isn’t out in the wilderness he’s providing advice for small businesses.

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