Cleaning Your Email Lists with Paul Sokol


This month on “The BIG Idea of the Week” we want to talk to you about spring cleaning your CRM and provide simple tips that will help in managing your small business. For tips on what you can do to clean up your CRM and get organized, we talked to one of the experts at Infusionsoft, Paul Sokol. He is a Campaign Builder Specialist Mad Scientist in charge of helping Infusionsoft customers and entrepreneurs make things easier.

Sokol wanted to help you understand why it's good to do a little spring cleaning for your business, starting with email lists. "A great thing you can do is look for people that are opening your emails and people that are clicking your emails. And look for people that are not doing those things and you can get them into some type of re-engagement campaign. So, inside Infusionsoft there's a report called the 'click-through percentage search' - it's a marketing report and this can easily show you who's clicking through your emails," says Sokol.

Once you find the percentage of people who may not be engaged, you can work on specific campaigns or tasks that will help you re-kindle that relationship and encourage them to get active. It's also a great way to find out if those people still want to receive your information (newsletter etc.) and if they don't, you can then decide if you want to remove them from a specific list. "You can really go anyway that you want with it. The biggest thing to keep in mind with spring cleaning is you want to have a reason to do it ... do you have a product launch coming up and you just want to queue them (your customers) up for that? Or are you about to do a live event and you want to get interest for that? Or do you simply want to get more people to read the newsletters and share them more?" says Sokol.

Sokol says that even if you don't have a product launch coming up or something new to your small business, you should still consider doing this type of 'cleaning' every six months to a year because as you grow, there will be more things that need to be done inside your business and being as current as possible on lists will ensure you're getting an accurate reading on who's engaged and who's not. "You can ask people to unsubscribe if they're not engaged. I know that's something that Chris Brogan did about a month ago.

His email subject said something along the lines of 'I invite you to unsubscribe' and you know what? You can't work with everybody on the planet. I would much rather have a list of 100 people that are really engaged and eating up my every word than a list of a million people that just don't care," says Sokol.

We will touch base with Paul next week regarding a few other options for spring cleaning your CRM so catch us here, on the Big Idea of the Week. Remember that your small business can grow at a rapid pace once you put strategies in place . Pretty soon the leads will be overflowing and your small business will be booming like never before.

A good client relationship management system (CRM) like Infusionsoft can help you get organized, segment all your contacts and much more. We also have a campaign template that could help you with this. 

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