7 Hot Questions Answered about the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

09 September

The Infusionsoft Campaign Builder is quite powerful to say the least. With great power comes great responsibility. I can understand how it can feel a bit intimidating to make changes to live sales and marketing campaigns because you might not be sure what will happen. This post will answer this frequently asked question, “What happens when I make a change to an existing campaign?” 

To answer this question completely, I will address several of the most common questions I hear regarding changing, updating or amending an existing campaign. I owe a great deal of credit to the accuracy of these answers to one of our developers, Mike Daniels. He is the guy behind the scenes who deeply understands the logic behind the Campaign Builder and was able to offer his time to help me answer these for you.  You can always change, edit and modify a campaign without impacting the existing version any time. No changes or additions will go live until you re-publish the campaign. 

Can I change the text or verbiage of a specific email?

Yes, you can. Once you re-publish the campaign, the revised email will only be seen by the people to who have not received the email previously.

Can I change where a link is driving a contact, without impacting the “Link Clicked” goal following it?

Yes, as long as you don't delete the link from your email and replace it with a brand new one, then the goal will remain unchanged. The Link Clicked goal is tracking a hyperlink you have created, you can change the destination at any time. If you do delete the link, and replace it with a new one, you’ll need to be sure to go reconfigure the “Link Clicked” goal.

Adding a Goal in the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

What happens if I add a goal?

Goals are either achieved or not. They cannot be retroactively achieved. So, if you publish a new goal, it can only be achieved in the future. If you have a goal configured to look for the application of a tag, when you publish, it will look for new applications of that tag. Any people who already have that tag will not automatically be placed into this campaign. The concept applies the same to customers that purchase products. If you publish a campaign with a goal configured by the purchase of a product, it will only be achieved by new purchases of that product.

What happens when I add a new email in the middle of a sequence? For example, what if I add an email between emails four and five in an existing sequence?

This one is a little more complex. When you re-publish a sequence, the system will go update all of the contacts currently in that sequence. It does this by re-calculating the path that has led them to their current position. It does this by retracing the chain of timers, emails, and other steps from the beginning. These are based on when a person enters a sequence. If a step has already been processed, it is ignored. For new steps added, it will schedule future steps for the appropriate time; or it will run steps that should have run in the past seven days immediately. Let me say that again, if a new step is added, and it would have run within the last seven calendar days, it will process that step immediately. Let me paint you a picture or two: Say you have a sequence that is designed to deliver three emails, with three days in between each email. Let’s say Mickey enters the sequence and receives email #1, and then receives email #2 three days later. On day four, let’s say you decide to add an email between email #1 and email #2. The system is going to recalculate. Now, Mickey should have received the new email yesterday, and email #2 (which he has already received) is now scheduled for two days in the future. The new email is going to be sent immediately, because it would have been sent in the last seven days, and email #2 is scheduled for two days from now. In two days, when this step attempts to process, the system will recognize that this step has already processed, and it will skip over it, and then in three days they’ll receive the original email #3. Now let’s say Minnie is in the same sequence, but Minnie entered the sequence about a month ago. When you make those changes to the sequence, the system will recalculate for Minnie, and will determine that the new email would have been sent nearly a month ago. Because this step was scheduled for more than seven days ago, Infusionsoft won’t send it. To be clearer, if I have a sequence that delivers one email and Goofy entered that sequence and received that email 365 days ago, he has now been idle for a full year. If I add a timer for 366 days, and then another email, he’ll get it tomorrow. If I add a timer for 358 days and an email, he’ll receive that immediately because it would have processed within the last seven days. … I know that was a lot to digest. If you have questions based on your situation, go ahead and ask away in the comments below.

What happens if I remove an email from a sequence?

If you remove an email and there are people who would have normally received the message, Infusionsoft will not send that email to those people. If you remove a timer as well, it will recalculate future steps and process accordingly.

Removing an email from the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

What happens when I add an email or step to the end of an existing sequence?

For people who progress through the existing steps, they will continue on and process that step as if they had been there all along. For people who have finished the existing steps, it will look at the new step, and calculate whether or not it should be sent. If the new step is in the future, it will schedule it accordingly. If the new step would have already occurred, it will check and see if it would have occurred in the last seven days. If it would have been processed in the last seven days, it will process immediately. If it would have processed more than seven days ago, it will not process at all.

Adding content to the end of a sequence in the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Insider’s Advice

I recommend to completely build your campaigns out before launching. I know, that’s easier said than done. If you need to add steps to an existing sequence and you want all queued contacts to receive them, consider adding a new sequence after your existing one. Once contacts complete the steps in an existing sequence, if they don’t have somewhere to move to, they are added to a queued list. If you add a new sequence afterward, all queued contacts will be funneled in at the same time and the system will calculate the new sequence’s steps for everyone. Now, go forth and modify your campaigns with confidence! If you have any questions – I wouldn’t blame you – go ahead and ask away in the comments below. I’ll do my best to help you get clarity on what happens when you update your marketing sequences in the Campaign Builder.

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