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by Christian HerronEditor’s note: Last week’s blog about divorcing an entrepreneur struck a chord with hundreds of readers. This week, we bring you the happier flipside from an entrepreneur herself.Running a business is challenging - all entrepreneurs know this. It's even more so...
by Jeff FickerWe’ll pass.We’re moving on.No.When rejection hits, it can feel personal, particularly for small business owners whose ideas, charisma and sheer force of will often drive an entire enterprise. Once the sting and disappointment begin to fade, you’re hit with the stress...
An entrepreneur is:a)    Bob, who works as a designer for a large corporation but runs a photography business on nights and weekendsb)    Mary, who took a part time job doing phone sales while building her illustration businessc)    Joe, a public school...
by Anonymous*Many people consider it difficult to be married to an entrepreneur – all it takes is a Google search to reveal abundant anecdotal evidence and a lot of darkly positive articles like How to Be An Entrepreneur, and Stay Married and You Can Be An Entrepreneur – and Not Get...
by Anna KunneckeIf you run a business, I bet you’ve been cornered.  It happens at soccer games, cocktail parties, or—shudder—long flights.  It goes like this:You’re so lucky! It must be so nice to not have a boss! Man, I wish I could just work when I felt like...
Even professional athletes experience intense self-doubt and fear. But I’m not a professional athlete so don’t take my word for it – instead, take Joe Courtney’s word for it. His new book, Life Above & Beyond the Rim, might detail a lot of his time playing...